Does Your Washing Machine Stink Like A Toilet?

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Are those suds really cleaning your clothes? Or are they creating a funky-rank smell inside your washing machine?

Have you ever noticed that your High Efficiency (HE) washing machine smells like an unflushed toilet? This is why it stinks so bad and what you can do about it.

This is your washer on slime… Any questions? Imagine this glass cylinder is the inside of your HE washing machine after pouring a dose of your leading sudsy laundry slime into your washer.

Even when diluted with water, it coats the inside of your washer with a goopy and toxic concoction of surfactants, UV brighteners, caustics, perfumes, thickeners, and so much more! Some of the “green” alternatives may put a nice eco-label on the jugs. But they still blend some of these toxic ingredients in them.

So what’s the big lie? As a result of very creative multi-billion-dollar marketing campaigns, most people believe that if perfumed suds are not blowing the door of your washer, then your clothes just can’t get clean. Right? WRONG!

Suds makers (AKA “surfactants”) are synthetically derived cleaners made from petro-chemicals or plant based oils.

Now you have the “desired” outcome of a really sudsy and frothy bath for your clothes to get “clean” in. Now it’s time for a rinse. And another rinse. However, the suds don’t seem to be going away.

Even with multiple rinses, there will be a residual film that is left behind. And that film coats the inside of your washer.

So what’s the stinky culprit? Even after your washing machine spins out, this residual film is going to stay in your washer. Over time it builds up. As you continue to repeat this process over and over, these suds will eventually breed bacteria. And those bacteria will create a funky smell inside your washing machine.

Suds breed bacteria and this bacteria creates a funky-rank smell inside your washing machine.

The common solution doesn’t really solve anything. It’s actually really smart marketing if you think about it. These really big chemical manufacturers can now sell you a HE washing machine cleaner to remove the stink that they created in the first place. Now you are happy because your washer temporarily stops stinking and they laugh all the way to the bank.

Why is the stink worse in my HE washer? HE washing machines use about one third less water than their old school ancestors. Therefore, less water means less dilution. And less dilution means your HE washing machine will enjoy a thick film of toxic perfumed detergent on the inside of your washer. A film that will breed funky bacteria.

As of the year 2020, the only washing machines that will be available to purchase will be HE washing machines. So, they’re not going anywhere and neither are the conventional goopy and perfumed chemicals.

Friends, that’s why your washing machine smells like an unflushed toilet or funky gym bag.

Here’s what you can do about it:

#1 Give your machine a good sanitizing with our Laundry Machine Cleaner

#2 Stop using the slimy detergent that caused the problem

#3 Claim your laundry freedom with a 100% Stink Free Guarantee

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