Is Goopy Laundry Soap Septic Safe?

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Laundry suds negatively effect our environment. They disrupt the harmony in your septic system by starving and killing the good anaerobic bacteria that is required to break down the organic matter in your septic.

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Many people talk about being “eco-friendly” and “eco-conscious” of the environment, but sadly, a lot of the time, it’s just talk. In this blog post, I want to inform you of the downstream effects conventional laundry products have on our environment and septic tanks.

Laundry suds negatively effect our environment.

If you are familiar with septic systems, you know about leach fields. A leach field is all of the excess water that gets filtered into the ground after the organic material in your septic system is decomposed. A lot of the chemicals in your conventional laundry detergent, like chlorine bleach and synthesized petroleum surfactants, do not break down inside your septic tank. Therefore, these chemicals leach into the ground and then end up in a well by you. Gross, huh? Even worse, at some point, these chemicals may wind up in your drinking water.

If you’re not on a septic system, let me explain the downstream effects of living in a city or larger municipality. Those very same suds that we just talked about get washed down the stream and sent to the water treatment plant. The employees who work there actually have to deal with those suds. The way they deal with them is by adding more chemicals into the water to “fall-out” the chemicals in your suds. Then, they add even more chemicals back into the water so that it can be safe to drink. Crazy, huh? At the end of that water treatment process, all of that sludge and gook is actually gathered together and put into a landfill or disposed of as toxic waste.

Whether you’re on a septic system or in a municipal setting, conventional laundry products are terrible for the environment and septic tanks. Now that you know this, you can do something about it.

Conventional laundry chemicals are terrible for the environment and septic tanks.

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