Natural Alternative to Chemical Dryer Sheets

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Did you know that there are over 10 documented carcinogens in the mainstream dryer sheet? Most people are unaware of how toxic and dangerous conventional dryer sheets actually are.

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When was the last time you researched all of the chemical names on the back of your dryer sheets? Like most people, I’m sure you haven’t, assuming that they are safe. Let’s take a look at all the chemicals and what they’re designed to do.

Static Remover and Fragrance

One of these chemicals, dimethicone, is designed to absorb the static, or positively and negatively charged ions that are on your clothes. Another chemical is designed to leave a fragrant perfume behind on your clothing via an amphoteric surfactant on your clothing. When your clothes come out of the dryer, they may smell really nice, however, those chemicals have been baked into your clothes and therefore potentially absorbed into your body. If you wouldn’t eat it, then why wear it?

Are Harmful Chemicals in Dryer Sheets Legal?

It’s perfectly legal for these chemicals to be in your products because there is less than 1% concentration of these chemicals inside the product and because these chemicals are listed on the label.

Did you know that there are over 10 documented carcinogens in the mainstream dryer sheet?

Why Doesn’t MyGreenFills Use Fragrance?

MyGreenFills products won’t leave a scent behind on your clothes. We will not put toxic chemicals in our products just to create a desired scent for our customers. If it’s not safe enough for us to put on ourselves, then we certainly won’t put it on you and your family.

Natural Alternative to Dryer Sheets

Instead of using toxic dryer sheets, here is a helpful Do-It-Yourself (DIY) alternative to dryer sheets that will add really good scent to your clothes in a safe way. It’s easy, will save you money and is a fun way to teach your kids how to make their own chemical-free product!

  1. Fill half of a cap full of liquid softener into a bowl. If you are not yet a part of the MyGreenFills family, you can substitute the liquid softener for water. However, if you use water, static won’t be removed from your clothes after they come out of your dryer.
  2. Take a bottle of your favorite essential oil and put 4-8 drops into the bowl.
  3. Next, take an ordinary kitchen sponge and soak up the softening rinse and essential oils that you just put into the bowl.
  4. Take the sponge and throw it into your dryer with your clothes. When your clothes are done, they’re going to smell fresh and it will be 100% safe and natural.

You no longer need toxic dryer sheets in order to eliminate static and make your clothes smell great. What are your favorite ways to freshen your laundry naturally?

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