Bring FREE Laundry Services to the Homeless in Your Community

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Poverty is a paradigm that stretches to every corner of the world, from small rural towns to bustling cities.  But shelter is among several basic needs that often go unmet for the homeless, including food, water, education, healthcare, and last but not least – clean clothes. 

Together, we can change that.


The Laundry Project is on a mission to provide FREE laundry soap and laundromat services to people in need all across the USA… and we want YOU to be part of the revolution!

A ripple effect of change begins with your support.



In order to become a Laundry Project Certified laundromat, the owner must agree to offer laundry services to those in need – free of charge – for a minimum of 4 hours per month.

If you don’t happen to own a laundromat, no worries. You can still show your support by frequenting LPC Certified laundromats, or by bringing The Laundry Project to your city if it isn’t already. (More on that later!)

In exchange, MyGreenFills will gift the laundromat their very own 5-gallon refillable soap jug and free soap refills as needed. That’s 1280 free loads of laundry in every jug! 


But this is about so much more than soap.


Imagine a world where…

  • Struggling families don’t have to choose between clean clothes and groceries.
  • Homeless people can confidently interview for jobs… and land them!
  • Children can go to school in fresh outfits – regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.
  • A rainy day doesn’t mean living in wet, mildewy clothes until you’re able to afford to wash them.
  • Your local laundromat offers a warm, safe space for those in need to wash their clothes – free from cost, stares, or judgment.


We believe that world is possible.

Let’s start it together.


Want The Laundry Project in your neighborhood?

Fill out this super brief request form. Once we know what city you live in, we can begin contacting laundromat owners in your community or assist you in doing so.


Are you a laundromat owner looking to participate?

That’s the best news we’ve heard all day! Tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll be in touch ASAP to iron out the details. (Pun intended.)


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JoAnna Carpentier

JoAnna is MyGreenFills’ Content Director and resident copywriting enthusiast. Based in Wilmington, NC, she spends most of her off hours at the beach or playing with her beagle, Igby.

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The time for freedom is now!

It’s time to take a stand against the slimy, toxic, and wasteful mainstream laundry goop and claim the LAST LAUNDRY JUG YOU WILL EVER OWN… Then, simply get refills shipped to your door, when you need them, for a fraction of the cost!

Join The Revolution

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