Are Conventional Detergents Safe?

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There is much conjecture from various sources that 60% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. So, is it possible for your really “nice smelling” laundry detergent to affect our health? The CDC has issued a warning for skin exposure for various industries and products that may create risk for trans-dermal penetration of chemicals. 

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Ask Questions & Question Everything! Do you know anyone that has a sensitivity to certain types of laundry care products? Ever wonder why something so simple, like laundry detergent or fabric softener, can cause so many people (especially children) to have allergic reactions?


A hidden truth about laundry chemicals: Since up to 60% of what you put on your skin will get absorbed into your bloodstream it is extremely probable that some of your favorite conventional laundry slime can leach in as well.


Let’s uncover how…


The Slimy Non-Rinsable Truth: Conventional laundry goop is actually designed to leave a film on your garments. That’s right. On purpose!

If suds are not blowing the door off of your washer, then clearly your clothes can’t get clean, right? Wrong!


3 Main Reasons Why Chemical Manufacturers design products to leave chemicals on your body:

#1 No Slime = No Spring Fresh Funk.

We have become addicted to toxic perfumes in our home products. The majority of people gauge how clean their laundry is by how “good” it smells.

The chemical bouquet in your laundry detergent is designed to trick your mind into thinking your laundry is clean through your nose.

Most of the perfumes and fragrances that are used are water soluble, which means they would rinse away if added to a natural soap so they need a carrier (AKA “surfactant slime”) that will leave a perfumed sheen on your garments. YUCK!


#2 “Brighter Bright’s & Whiter White’s Guaranteed.”

This toxic optical illusion is not a new scheme. Years ago the concept of “bluing” became very popular. Adding blue dye to the wash served to diminish yellow light, giving the illusion that the yellow tinge of your clothes, caused by dirt buildup, has been cleaned away.

The reason why most mainstream laundry detergent is blue or green is because it has been designed to leave behind a bluish film on your clothes. This haze tricks your eyes into believing that your clothes are brighter than usual because blue is in the color spectrum that we recognize as brightness.

Even the very popular oxygen boosting products add these toxins in the form of little blue beads to fulfill their brand promise.


#3 That “Oh-So-Soft Static-Free Towel.”

Your towels don’t get that slick-so-soft feel by accident!

It’s actually a toxic concoction of synthesized chemicals like: Chloroform, Camphor, A-Terpineol, Dimethicone, Dioxanes, and sadly, so much more.

These “softeners” are not as gentle as their marketing mascots and messages portray.


Free will is an amazing gift! Whether your clothes are “clean n’ fresh” or not is irrelevant. Are you willing to use great-smelling, super-bright, oh-so-soft laundry slime knowing these chemicals are being put on the backs of your family?

You owe it to yourself, and your family, to know what’s in the products that you are putting on your bodies.

Our desire for this post is to create change. We want to change the way that people think about laundry products and interact with packaging.

Join the Refillable Laundry Revolution today and free your family once and for all from all the toxic goop in your laundry room.

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